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  • Devastating "Free Market" Reforms Imposed on Serbia

    A dozen years ago, neoliberal political forces took power in Serbia, promising a radical transformation of the economy. Today, deep into that transformation, Serbia is foundering from its effects exacerbated by the worldwide economic downturn. Industri...
  • Obama and the Nobel Prize:

    When War becomes Peace, When the Lie becomes the Truth When war becomes peace, When concepts and realities are turned upside down, When fiction becomes truth and truth becomes fiction. ...
  • Obama Efforts to Placate Right Wing Backfire

    What President Obama has gotten for his troubles “to placate the right wing” is “bailed out banks that wouldn’t lend, huge bonuses paid to Wall Streeters, tens, scores or more thousands of people losing their homes, an ever bigger, ever more di...
  • The Demise of the Dollar

    In a graphic illustration of the new world order, Arab states have launched secret moves with China, Russia and France to stop using the US currency for oil tradingIn the most profound financial change in recent Middle East history, Gulf Arabs are plan...
  • The Bear Market Rally Will Soon Be Over

    There is only one place to be and that is in gold and silver related assets. The bear market rally will soon be over. It rallied 1,300 Dow points that it should have. All the back up data as to why this is in process was included in the last issue. ...